The Imperative of a Boring Judiciary

June 17, 2021
Eric Hageman responds to David Forte and "A Better Originalism," warning that illegitimate lawmaking by judges is not the solution to the current problem of an overreaching judiciary.

Originalism and Its Discontents

May 6, 2021
Prof. David Forte responds to "A Better Originalism," reminding we must look at the Constitution as a whole, both its legal presence and its moral principles.

A Better Originalism

March 29, 2021
JWI has released a new statement of purpose in collaboration with the American mind, which calls upon conservatives to adopt an originalism of moral substance in the wake of Bostock v. Clayton County.

The Constitution's "Value Judgements"

March 3, 2021
Gerard V. Bradley responds to the claim that Natural Law reasoning is simply Value Judgments.

What is Natural Law?

March 1, 2021

Why Positive Law Needs Natural Law

February 23, 2021
Justin Dyer explains why Originalism at its root requires a foundation in Natural Law to make coherent sense.

Letter to a Noble Lawyer

February 11, 2021
Prof. Arkes begins the new series of colloquium by responding to concerns from a lawyer friend about the use of Natural Law in judicial decisions.

Memories of Michael Uhlmann

February 18, 2020
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