“Building on the Right” with Mike Sabo, Editor of the RealClear Civics Portal

In this episode, Anchoring Truths continues its “Building on the Right” series with Mike Sabo, editor for RealClear American Civics. Garrett Snedeker sits down with Mike to discuss RealClear Public Affairs a “new series of sponsored curation” designed to “provide coverage of important and trending public policy issues.” The series provides its audience with a “deep dive” into topics “facing our nation’s decisionmakers.” Within this series is the American Civics portal which features subportals (in detail below) where readers can find writings from various key authors on topics surrounding equality, liberty, the U.S. Constitution, the 1776 series, and more. Tune in to hear Mike’s take on the state of our country and how he feels RealClear Public Affairs is pivotal in moving the nation in the right direction.

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On RCPA’s Disputed Questions series (in conjunction with RealClearPolitics) writers of diverse viewpoints debate, with civility, the great issues of our time. Discussions have already taken place over ending America’s two-party system and America’s moral goodness

The 1776 Series features essays written by well-known and up-and-coming scholars on key topics in American political thought.

The Making Citizens series highlights key civic institutions nationwide.

The Jack Miller Center is a notable partner of the Civics Portal featuring writings of affiliated professors, and more on the portal and throughout the RealClear network of sites. 

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