Garrett Snedeker on the Hale Institute Podcast: “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Garrett Snedeker, co-founder of Anchoring Truths, joined Timon Cline of the Hale Institute to talk about legal education, natural law, and the future of the conservative legal movement on the Hale Institute Podcast. We’re delighted to feature the episode on Anchoring Truths.

The Hale Institute at New Saint Andrews College is dedicated to the study and discussion of law in its substance, grounding, and effects on persons and community. The Institute carries out its mission both through course study within the college curriculum and in wider public discourse through publication and symposia. The Institute’s aims are informed by the Christian faith in the Reformed tradition and directed to the end of empowering persons to honor God and love neighbor through promoting the conditions and institutions of political liberty and civic virtue. Timon Cline is the Director of Scholarly Initiatives at Hale Institute and host of the podcast.

Garrett Snedeker is the Co-Founder of Anchoring Truths and the Deputy Director of the James Wilson Institute. He graduated as an evening J.D. student from the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University in 2023, where he served on the George Mason Law Review as Articles Editor. He graduated from Amherst College with two bachelor’s degrees in History and English. Previously he worked as editor of the congressional research website LegiStorm. His writing has been featured in Newsweek, The Federalist, The American Mind, The American Conservative, Starting Points Journal, and the Online Library of Law & Liberty. Garrett is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia.

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