Bucking Gender Ideology: Detransitioners with Mary Margaret Olohan

Recently, Daily Signal reporter Mary Margaret Olohan devoted book-length treatment to shed light on the little-known stories of detransitioners, those individuals who undergo hormone therapies and often transgender surgeries and then reject the path they went down. In this latest Anchoring Truths Podcast episode, Olohan shares her perspective on writing this book as a journalist under the scrutiny of the ideologically-driven establishment media. She also discusses the emotional and physical complexities of transition, as well as the manipulation that has now become commonplace in anything from social media platforms to doctors’ offices. Ultimately, Olohan gives a voice to young people she profiles in her book who have undergone intense transgender treatment.

Buy Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult here.

Follow Mary Margaret Olohan on Twitter/X here and her reporting at the Daily Signal here.

Mary Margaret Olohan, a senior reporter covering culture and politics for The Daily Signal, previously wrote for The Daily Wire and The Daily Caller News Foundation. A graduate of The Catholic University of America, she is the proud eldest daughter of an Irish Catholic family of eleven children. Detrans is her first book.

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