Political Economy & the Common Good with Prof. Alexander Salter

The Anchoring Truths Podcast continues with a mini-series “The Right Rethinks Economics” featuring guest author Prof. Alexander Salter. Prof. Salter has sought to bridge a gap in the the discourse between the camp that represents the received wisdom broadly supportive of economic liberty and the camp that considers doctrinaire defenses of economic liberty to be ill-suited, at least on their own, for the challenges of the present.

Prof. Salter is the Georgie G. Snyder Associate Professor of Economics in the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. His new book that we’ll be discussing is titled The Political Economy of Distributism: Property, Liberty, and the Common Good, published by Catholic University of America Press. Prof. Salter took his PhD and MA in economics from George Mason University and earned a BA from Occidental.

You may purchase your copy of the book here.

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