Supreme Court

Hunt Down the Supreme Court Leaker

Josh Hammer, a 2021 James Wilson Fellow, questions why Gail Curley has not discovered the leaker of Justice Alito’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization opinion. He also explains how leaving a leak with an unfinished investigation affects the integrity of the media and of the Supreme Court.

What the Hearings Missed

In the aftermath of Judge Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Hadley Arkes analyzes the Senate hearings. Despite some well-timed questions, Republicans ultimately missed their chance to put Judge Jackson on the record defending the right to kill unwanted children even after birth.

Breaking the Sotomayor Mold

Kody Cooper argues that a new Supreme Court justice in the style of Sotomayor would fail to pass the “test of truth” when it comes to abortion, religious liberty, and takings. If the Senate Judiciary Committee cares about truth, it should therefore disavow the Sotomayor mold.

The Subjugation of the Deplorables

On June 27, 2019, the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in Department of Commerce v. New York, a case pertaining to the Trump-era Census Bureau’s decision to ask census recipients if they were U.S. citizens. The majority opinion, written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, was one of the most tortured pieces of legal writing

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