Hadley Arkes

November 4, 2021

Judge Pryor’s Friendly Fire

Prof. Arkes defends "A Better Originalism" against Judge William Pryor's critique.
October 6, 2021

Whelan-Arkes Exchange: Last Round

JWI's Founder and Director Hadley Arkes goes another round with Ed Whelan and discusses the rightful place for moral reasoning in judicial jurisprudence
October 5, 2021

The Dobbs Case and the Strains of Prudence

Prof. Arkes analyzes the arguments at play in the upcoming Dobbs case, and explains that while there are potential outfielders and stockbrokers, there is no such thing as a "potential" human being.
September 14, 2021

Abortion, the Political Branches, and Fetal Heartbeat

Hadley Arkes's argument lays out the power of other branches of government in defending life
July 29, 2021

The American Regime and Its Moral Ground

Hadley Arkes traces the moral ground of the American Regime to the Declaration of Independence's conception of natural law, which frames rights in the context of an enduring human nature.
June 28, 2021

Conservatives after Fulton: Time for a New Path

In this exclusive essay, Prof. Arkes argues that the conservative justices have become caught in a mirage with their opinions in the recent Fulton case. Finally resolving the issue, he argues, requires them to return to its root.
May 12, 2021

In Defense of "A Better Originalism"

Prof. Hadley Arkes responds to John Grove's critique of the James Wilson call for conservatives to adopt an originalism of moral substance.
February 11, 2021

Letter to a Noble Lawyer

Prof. Arkes begins the new series of colloquium by responding to concerns from a lawyer friend about the use of Natural Law in judicial decisions.
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