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Minisode 6: National Conservatism Conference Scenes

For a special minisode, Hadley Arkes and Garrett Snedeker, who attended the 2024 National Conservatism Conference July 8-10, share impressions of both the public panel discussions and how the conference fits within our larger political and cultural moment. Edmund Burke Foundation, organizer of NatCon 4 Video of NatCon4 speeches and panels

Judicial Value Judgments and the Common Good

Introduction “Common good constitutionalism” is chiefly a criticism of what might be helpfully described as “mainstream” legal conservatism—the prescription for constitutional adjudication exemplified in the opinions of Antonin Scalia and those (in and out of the judiciary) who follow his lead. The “common-good” constitutionalists’ critique centers on the stated commitment of contemporary judicial conservatism to originalism;

Fight the Good Fight! with Dr. Jay Richards

Dr. Jay Richards, author of Fight the Good Fight, joins host Garrett Snedeker for a spirited discussion of how to fight the culture war in 21st century America. They discuss the societal destruction resulting from ideologies of the modern left, and how an alliance of faith and reason can provide a thoughtful appeal to traditionally

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