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Restoring the Lincolnian Vision: Rep. Keith Rothfus

Congressman Keith Rothfus joins the AT Podcast for a discussion of the Lincolnian approach to statesmanship and governance, particularly as applies to the issue of abortion, and why it needs to be restored in our political and legal discourse. We also chat about his terms in Congress and what reforms he advocates for a better functioning U.S. House.

The Right Rethinks Economics with Samuel Gregg

Dr. Samuel Gregg returns to the Anchoring Truths Podcast for a discussion of his new book, The Next American Economy: Nation, State, and Markets in an Uncertain World (Encounter). Gregg carefully addresses New Right criticism of the conventional wisdom on economics that pervaded conservative intellectual circles in recent decades. Gregg offers a defense of America as a

“A Man of Iron” with Grover Cleveland Biographer Troy Senik

In this episode of the Anchoring Truths podcast, Garrett Snedeker and JWI intern Jacob Shields sit down with Troy Senik to discuss his new book titled, “A Man of Iron; The Turbulent Life and Improbable Presidency of Grover Cleveland” They discuss Cleveland’s rise to political prominence, his principled approach to executive power, and his relevance

The Subjugation of the Deplorables

On June 27, 2019, the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in Department of Commerce v. New York, a case pertaining to the Trump-era Census Bureau’s decision to ask census recipients if they were U.S. citizens. The majority opinion, written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, was one of the most tortured pieces of legal writing

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