Judicial Value and the Common Good

Conservative constitutionalism stands at a crossroads.  It has since the 1980s married itself to “originalism”, a basically sound approach to the proper interpretation of an authoritative legal text such as the Constitution.  This union has produced many good results over the last few decades.  But conservative originalism has lately cultivated a pronounced, articulated aversion to critical morality, to sound — that is, true norms of justice.  The problem for conservative constitutionalists is that it is impossible to faithfully interpret the Constitution without regular resort to such natural law norms.


Recent Podcasts

July 5, 2024

The Making of an American Originalist with Professor Randy Barnett

Prof. Barnett shares vignettes spanning his entire life from his deeply personal memoir on scholarship and practice, mentorship, his reconciling libertarianism and Natural Law, and his fights against anti-semitism
June 28, 2024

Chevron's End with John Vecchione

We're pleased to bring you this exclusive, immediate mini-sode with one of the lawyers part of in team that prevailed, John Vecchione, in the historic case where the court reversed its 40-year precedent in Chevron.
June 19, 2024

Minisode 4: Arkes Abroad! Scenes from Budapest

Minisode 4 features JWI Founder and Co-Director Hadley Arkes, who discusses with host Garrett Snedeker his recent trip to Budapest, Hungary where he keynoted a conference on the rule of law.
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