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Fight the Good Fight! with Dr. Jay Richards

Dr. Jay Richards, author of Fight the Good Fight, joins host Garrett Snedeker for a spirited discussion of how to fight the culture war in 21st century America. They discuss the societal destruction resulting from ideologies of the modern left, and how an alliance of faith and reason can provide a thoughtful appeal to traditionally

The Sharpening Crisis of the Palestinian Protests

Photo by Wiki Commons The following statement was made by Professor Hadley Arkes, JWI Founder and Co-Director, as a follow-up to an essay he wrote in Public Discourse regarding a comprehensive assessment of the “free speech” understanding that has influenced and conditioned the derisive actions we see occurring on campuses today. The ongoing eruptions over

Free Speech Sense and Sensibility

It is precious to see so many college administrators, deans, and presidents now honing “principled,” absolutist commitments to freedom of speech on their campuses. When campuses were hosting Dennis Prager, Charles Murray, Charlie Kirk, or Riley Gaines, or even federal appellate court judges, the messages that used to ban or chase them off campus were “hate

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